Who is Taylor King? //

Taylor King is a social media strategist, marketer, and videographer. Taylor is a creator and at 17 he started his first business, Apple E-Z, a house call tech support startup that served the Charleston area for over a year. After graduating high school, Taylor attended Depaul University for one year, quickly dropping out to move on to bigger and better things. He landed a job a the (now monstrously large) Media Assembly, a media agency in New York City. He is continuing to pursue marketing with Media 

Assembly to gain more knowledge about the media industry, while continuing to push out video content and freelance. See his LinkedIn

Taylor’s Creative Journey //

Starting in South Carolina, Taylor didn’t have access to the creative network readily available in a city like Chicago or New York City. However, leveraging social media (largely Instagram) and the app Overlap to connect the dots between the small pool of artists in Charleston. Photography was his passion originally, and with only the Panasonic GH3 and a whole lot of free time, he began pursuing photography. Almost a year later, after growing his instagram from a measly following of 300 followers to the still very small amount of 700, he discovered his love for moving pictures from his future video mentor Jim Hall. Jim gave Taylor the tools he needed and the guidance necessary to get started in video production, and soon after Taylor King Creative’s first wedding production was finished. Realizing a true passion for this after moving to Chicago for school, Taylor started creating more consistently on his youtube channel and was honing his skills in editing. 

Realizing very quickly that art is not shaped in a classroom, Taylor opted-out, and moved back home to Charleston to figure out some things. This is when he joined Praxis, where he went from an aspiring freelancer to an artist with a business in 3 months. However, knowing that there was more to be learned in marketing, Taylor chose to be placed (see Praxis for more details) with Media Assembly in New York City to get experience in an area where he felt lacking. After 6 months at assembly, he got hired full time, and is currently working there while also pursuing freelance videography. Find all of his social linked on the Taylor King homepage!